Injustice with Immigration (6)

Well, dear readers, followers, friends, supporters,

We are now more then 1 year further and no solution yet found.

It is remarkable that lately Immigration tried again behind the back of our laywer and ours to get an interview with the NZ employer.  That attempt was intercepted and the meeting went at the office of our lawyer.  Our laywer’s staff member was present, the employer and 2 immigration officers.   Previous the meeting immigration asked for the actual ,financial figures and employment schedule.   Our lawyer had to point out to immigration that this was irrelevant to the case and not according the agreement made.  We have already a visa granted by immigration and asking financial figures and monthly employment schedule is for an application. Therefore this is irrelevant to ask this.  Moreover the agreement was to take a look again at all the documents, statements and proof in the file.

During the meeting at the lawyer’s office the immigration officers presented about 45 questions to the employer about the stolen emails with the question if the employer could identify them.   Please……these are emails of 1 upto 4 years ago and moreover the statement of the forensic expert clearly stated that the stolen emails were manipulated by the reporting person.  Immigration is also already been informed earlier that emails also have been deleted from the computer of the employer.   Has the statement of the export no value then for immigration?  What is an expert for then?

The meeting was closed as the agreement was that all new issues should first be submitted in writing and this was thus not followed by Immigration.

In the meantime the questions have been submitted in writing by Immigration and our lawyer together with the employer have stated not being aware of these emails.  Also immigration’s attention has again been drawn to the statement of the forensic expert.   And in earlier letters immigration’s attention has been drawn to the fact that they were satisfied with all the evidence and therefore granted the visa.  Further their attention was drawn to the fact that they always need original documents or certified copies.  And now they just go along with copies of stolen emails of which hard and watertight proof has been given that they are unreliable for multiple reasons.

Everybody aware of our situation doesn’t understand why a country which is proud of its multicultural society only investigates one side of the case and seems to be scared of 1 person. Everybody aware of our situation doesn’t understand how it is possible that 1 person is able to get this awfull situation take place.

It is clear there is a hate against us and against persons loving a partner of the same sex.  Where is the multicultural acceptance in NZ now?

How much more must our lifes be ruined? Ruined because of 1 sick person.

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