THE PLEASUREDOME – Flawless Lucy Lawless – A Star by all means.

Lucy Lawless – Flawless and a Star in every sense of the word.

A glittering diamant!

After all the great reviews I decided that a look through the eyes of a PleasureDome visitor would bring some new feeling. I am not a column writer. So everything I write here comes from my heart.

Since childhood I always felt a certain connection with New Zealand. I don`t know why but it called me. I always was convinced that there were true treasures over there. And oh did I hit it! It started all with XWP. I always tried to pursue my dreams and make them come true as much as possible . Thanks to XWP I found and married the best and wonderful wife of the whole world and moved over. And here we are!

And then came The PleasureDome. I even don`t remember how I got the news about that, but the adventurer in me very early found out where it would take place.

My wife and I started visiting The Pleasuredome on 23rd September 2017, a preview-show and went back a couple of times. Yes, for the moment it will be 9 times. We have seen the show from almost every angle. It is amazing to see how each performer grows with each shows.
Declare me crazy for visiting the place that often but each time I discover something else in the show. Each time I get my dose of energy to go on. And each time I have the time of my life.

The PleasureDome, the name says it all and leave nothing to the imagination. A Studio 54 playground for adults indeed. And you can do a bit crazy without being too naughty! Although, you get teased quite a lot.

You enter the playground through an 1980s metro station, full of posters of 80s tv-shows. The alley brings you into the NYC street, the set of Ash versus Evil Dead. You immediately enter another world and you forget all about 2017.

You even forget more when you enter The Pleasuredome Night club. The Dream Worker does his work and you are brought in a total other world again. You are immersed in another time, back to your past.

And then it begins!

From the first moment I saw nothing else but one WOW-factor of the other. I was `dragged` from one wow-moment into the next.
When I saw the opening act I thought “Oh yes, baby, right on!” And although I immediately knew where the show was heading for The Pleasuredome exceeded my expectations, ideas, thoughts.
From the start my body was out of control as it was nourished with the vibes of fabulous music and performance.

Sappho, Lucy Lawless at The Pleasuredome Auckland 2017.

Sappho, Lucy Lawless at The Pleasuredome Auckland 2017.

A continuous WOW-factor is our beloved Lucy Lawless.  I have seen her in other plays but this time……………SHE IS MAGNIFICENT!  There are no words to do her justice.  Her voice has never been that powerful and perfect as now. I love that soft, warm and full voice. She owns the stage, the stage is hers.  Lucy took me on a roller coaster of feelings. Lucy Lawless plays the character of Sappho…….. She took me on her journey and showed me her drug addiction and the struggle to get clean, the wild nights, the fight with her inner-demon, her search for that one love to make her complete and alive, the betrayals, and admits this all her fight to keep her club open, the ups and downs. She showed it all and I………..I felt it all. Nobody ever did that to me! Top performance!

CocoCaine and Sappho,   Lucy Lawless, The PleasureDome Musical Auckland 2017

CocoCaine and Sappho, Lucy Lawless, The PleasureDome Musical Auckland 2017

I got even goosh bumps when she starts singing a cappella `You don`t know how to ease my pain!`or `I`m every woman.` So powerful, so beautiful!
You don`t know how you moved me, how you touched me heart.

Lucy Lawless carries the show from beginning to the end and after.

I have 2 favorite scenes, although it is difficult to choose. But I am talking here about the leading lady of the show. My first scene is Sappho against her alter-ego CocoCaine with the song `Don`t you want me`. This is one great enthralling and WOW-factor performance. All alone on stage Lucy Lawless has everyone mesmerized. CocoCaine (aka also Lucy) on the wall screens and Sappho on stage, you see and feel the fight.

Lucy Lawless as Sappho and Cococaine,

Lucy Lawless as Sappho and Cococaine,


The other scene is Ì`m on fire`.  I could feel the love she has for Lily, the doubts she has to be hurt again, the desire to be with her, the desire to love her.  A very touchy and all saying ending when the song ends.

A standing ovation is not enough to congratulate Lucy Lawless for her performance. She is a magnificent diamant! And I am sure we have not seen all of what she is capable off!

But never, never, never forget the message this shows carries. You might be enchanted by it all but there lies a huge support and message in it.

“Stand up for the Little Guy and Dance where you are,” are the catchy words to be found on the twitter account of Kiwi Star – Lucy Lawless.

In these sad times, we all forgot about the happy 80s times. We forgot about the good times we had.
And in these hectic times, all over the world, this is exactly what we needed, to give us new energy and to make us realize again that we all can achieve good things if we join our forces and go for the greater good.
Now what could be better then enjoy a great show with the marvelous Lucy Lawless, have a great time and at the same time support the LGBT community. Isn`t that just wonderful!

Lucy Lawless shares the same generation as I do. Our birthdays close to each other, mine 3 days after hers. She fights and leads the big battles while I do my part on my side.  All little bits do help.  I am honored that with this show I could stand up for the LGBT community. Stand together in the front line of this activism.  I am honored that I could join Lucy Lawless in this action.

We need to continue to fight for equality.  Everybody has the right to love whoever they want.  Love cannot be chained. Life and love is a battle field and love has to survive.

This is THE time to enjoy life again. This is THE moment. With this show we are all part of a piece of history. And remember we all leave a bit behind when we will leave this world.  Let us join forces and make sure this world is better when it is time for us to say good bye.

I feel blessed that because of XWP I found and married the best and wonderful wife of the whole world. I feel blessed to be part of this country, to be part to stand up for a good cause, feel blessed to witness and enjoy The PleasureDome.

The musical is it all. Love, joy and life.

Live the life you choose! Thank you Lucy! I was lovely meeting you at The PleasureDome and appreciated it a lot that you could take the time for picture, so short after being on stage.

Thank you Lucy!

Thank you Lucy!

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