Lost in Time / Verloren in Tijd

Right now I am editing (for a 3rd time) my first novel. I love my heroes and therefore I want their characters as complete as possible.

At this moment I am working on the Dutch version.  After that I will translate it in English.  Anyone who can help me with the translation, please, come forward.  You get a free e-reader copy for your assistance.

Test readers are welcome.  You get a free e-reader copy for your assistance

As this is my first novel I want to be it as interesting as possible.

Perfection? Nothing or nobody is perfect. But is try to get there as much as possible! 🙂

What is Lost in Time about?  It is a lesbian fiction story with some romance and adventure.

Here is the synopsis

Life is hard when you cannot remember who you are, what your past was and what happened.

This is the story of a woman, Lucena, who receives a magical power. Her real feelings steer that power ( to overcome, to kill, but also to the control life). It is an ancient force that is transferred to only those pure of heart. She receives that power during a predicament, so she loses her memory and knows nothing of her ancient past, who she really is, without knowing the strength in her.

In her struggle to find out who she is and what happened to her, she is chased by an old acquaintance who wants to possess the power and control it. A person who is a master at hiding his true identity .

At her side is her loving partner, Renielle, which is critically injured when the power is transmitted . She receives foresight. But she also does not know her power, but subconsciously she writes down events in her book. Events yet to take place. Whether she makes a spontaneous remark to Lucena. The love for one another is crucial to defend them against the dark adversary. Their love and feelings are severely tested.

Lucena is carried on a rollercoaster of emotions, where she becomes afraid of herself , gets scared of the power that manifests itself in her. Because if that happens, she loses control of herself. She sees it as her inner demon without knowing that her power is to control life. She is afraid of what she would do to her lover if she got out of control.

In her search for who she really is, she is deceived by her opponent who is trying to destroy her and the love within her. It would leave her with an emptiness and unbearable heartache. It ‘s a revenge which has been planned for long time.

Her hunger for victory is appeased by challenges. Her victories feed her dark side, and depriving her true feelings for her beloved.

At a retreat she faces the hard way with her inner self. Due to let dominate her dark side she loses what is dearest to her, Renielle, the only love she knows and has. The demon takes control of her and her passion and she kills almost Renielle in a flurry of dark and uncontrolled passion. Renielle runs away and hides .

While Renielle is taken care of, Lucena is desperate and loses herself in nightlife in a local bar. When permeates what she has done and how hard she misses Renielle, she goes looking for Renielle. For this, she must pass through a magical ‘silent’ forest. There she is thought the truth without mercy and is shown who she really is, what her past is. She finds her lover back and they both need to rediscover their love.

On the most important day of their lives, she discovers who her opponent is and what he possible plans. Because evil attacks her where she is most vulnerable, namely her loving Renielle .

She must defy a terrible situation during which she finally discovers her strength. Then she is also revealed that she is the “only one”. But will it all help her rescue Renielle?

Join her in her journey in Lost in Time

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