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The Pleasure Dome revisited – The Summer of 2017

28 September 2018

While I write this article I am travelling back from Europe to New Zealand, going forward in time. Time travelling.

And speaking from time travelling today it is exactly 1 year since The Pleasure Dome opened officially and took us back to the 80ties.

What an experience we were given!!!!

A huge shed was transformed to a NY metro and street. If you looked around you could notice it was a film set of Ash vs Evil Death.

At the end of the street the night club The Pleasure Dome.

The Pleasure Dome, Robert Tapert’s Dream that came to life.
I still call this THE musical of musicals. As he did before with the tv series Xena Warrior Princess, he set here again a new standard of musicals.
You were in the night club, witnessing the life of a diva and all the things that happened in the 80ties, drugs, love, power, and being gay.
On top of that you were invited to interact and dance on those top hits.

And what a marvelous ensemble it had.

Lucy Lawless in the lead performed as never before. A super voice with the right songs. You could feel the love, the pain, the drug addiction, the fight to get away from it,…..

My two favourite moments where Sappho against her alter ego CocoCaine and Hey, Little Girl.

Speaking of addiction, I have to admit that my wife and I were so mezmerized that we went 18 times.

It was interesting to see how the show changed and crew grew into their roles.

To be continued.