Daily Archives: September 22, 2014

Injustice with Immigration (3)

We did sent a letter of complaint to John Key to get assistance in our immigration case.  My letter went as a wagon in a carrousel.

  1. The assistant of Prime Minister John Key forwarded it to Nikki Kaye (Minister of Immigration and pro gay.)
  2. From Nikki Kaye’s office it was forwarded to Immigration Wellington, because
  3. Immigration Wellington informed us by email that they had forward it to Immigration London.
  4. Last week we received an email from Immigration Henderson – Yes, the letter came back to New Zealand.  Isn’t that a waste of time?

The letter we received from Immigration Henderson was just a small recapitulation of our file but it wasn’t fully complete this recapitulation.  In fact it was no reply whatsoever on our complaint.  They referred again to section 65.  We allways did and still do meet all the requirements of section 65.

Further the letter mentioned nothing about all our certified declaration and our watertight evidence about the stolen emails.  In the letter they mentioned that INZ is still waiting for a substantive response from our side.  That is the almost the same sentences which they wrote a few months ago when we also already provided our certified declaration including the ones of our employer.   So where did they put all those declarations and evidence?

We asked several times in the past what they wanted more in writing from us and never got a reply on that.

Further the letter didn’t mention anything about our acceptance to transfer the file from London to NZ, including the conditions we added to INZ offer.  Our lawyer asked for a reply before 16th September 2014.  Today 22 september 2014 we haven’t received any information.

We wonder for whom deathlines are applicable?  It seems it is only applicable for us and for visa agents, but not for INZ.

So, we have the impression that the file where INZ Henderson has access to is not updated at all.  Or have they not been informed properly? No wonder that the case delays and delays when not all information is considered or read by the INZ officers.

The letter mentioned that INZ is still investigating.  We already asked several times over the last months what they exactly were investigating, but never received a reply on that neither.

It is also strange that the letter talks about INZ in the 3rd person despite it is written by an INZ office.

This is a case were our future and our lifes are involved. It is a serious matter and means a lot to us.  And the fact that the case is already delayed for more then 6 months despite our evidence is putting us each day in a more difficult position.

We really don’t know why this keeps taking so long.   We are the victimes of a disgrunted person and homophobe. Our evidence about the ‘stolen’ emails is clear.  There is no doubt about it that they are unreliable for a great number of reasons.   The certified declarations of our employer and us are clear as well.

Again we have to say that our perception of New Zealand has changed drastically.   Around the world New Zealand shows itself as a beautiful country, which it is, until……..you have experienced how they ‘welcome’ you.  To us it seems we are ‘not welcome’ at all.

Although a lot of people we know and who want to welcome us, nothing is shown from the side of immigration.

Our privacy and the one of our employer has been breached. But since the beginning of this case this privacy breach seems not to bother anyone.   So in fact, people in New Zealand are allowed to breach eachothers privacy and used it to destroy eachother.

We draw also the attention again to the fact that when you have a criminal or convicted background and do not meet the good character requirement, you still are allowed to enter New Zealand if you are rich.  Money makes sure that some rules are all of a sudden not applicable.  Isn’t that a way of corruption?

We are honest people with an impeccable record of behavior, we still meet all requirements, but yet, we are treated as criminals.  Isn’t that a way of discrimination?

We thought that NZ accepted gay-people as same gender marriage was accepted.  But it seems that we, marriage women, are not accepted.

No need to say how dissappointed we are in New Zealand.