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Fundraising for NZ injustice case.

Dear Friends,

Please support us and donate anything you can to get us through this unjustice and difficult time. This is the first time in our life we are asking for financial support.

Don’t let injustice in New Zealand destroy our lives. Don’t let hate against our sexual orientation destroy our existance.

Help us fight and have our names cleared from all false accusations.
Help us with the restart of our life.

Our appreciations is eternal.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Injustice with Immigration (2)

The next step we are now taking looks to us a very strong one. It will take another 3 months and again extra fees to be paid to the lawyer.
We need to proceed as otherwise our good names remain unfairly border marked worldwide, and that would disable us from finding another job, anywhere, within our expertise (we need to travel around the world to visit customers.) During the last 6 months, stranded in The Netherlands, we have experienced that we cannot get even a simple job as everybody considers us ‘overqualified’!

It is still unacceptable that we need to make so much costs and that it all takes so long. It has ruined us already.

So now we accepted the proposal of INZ to have the file transfered from London to New Zealand and that it would be reviewed and reconsidered under Sec.65 of Imm.Act 2009.
Ofcourse we need to be sure that the new officer has a grade to deal with section 61 applications and needs to be a senior officier. We need to be informed about the identity (name) of that officer and need to be able to deny the involvement of that officer and ask for another.

The onus of proof lies now with INZ (immigration officer), since we and our employer have already provided heaps of evidence. Also we have submitted the statement of the Computer Forensic Expert regarding the stolen private emails.
INZ now needs to come up with sound and credible evidence that has been gone through a high civil test. In the absence of very sound and credible evidence, our visas remain and we will are given permission to enter NZ.

INZ will also need to provide our lawyer with a copy of the entire file and all documents that the new Officier will look at. The Officer can only consider the file as it was provided to us, including our declarations and evidence, and must rely to the their objective letter of February. Any withheld document so far cannot be considered. If INZ would like to go beyond the specified objections, then they will need to identify those new objections and provide copy of the file and all documents.

The new officer will need to put the whole case through a hight test and look deeply and careful into our evidence and consider them very careful against the false accusations.

We still appeal to everyone : If you can spare some euros, usd, or whatever, please send it our way so we can finish the case.

Injustice with Immigration (1)

New Zealand showed another face.
We have become the victims of a New Zealand homophobe who has ruined our lives and brought us close to a mental breakdown.

We will never be able to visit New Zealand again and relax on its beaches because of one homophobe and person full of hate against us.

Any support is welcome.

INZ remain prejudiced against us despite ample proof that our case is genuine and that the emails stolen by the ‘anonymous’ objector and used against us have been doctored and manipulated and are unreliable. As for the judge, he states he is unaware of what INZ is evaluating.

We have also contacted John Key, NZ Herald and other celebrities for the same assistance.

There is also a petition started by a Xena fan: petition to be found here.
There is also a post on Ausxip.

We have always supported projects to safeguard New Zealand as well as the Star Ship Foundation. And through our personal websites we promoted NZ and helped many people find their way there.

But what is happening to us right now and how INZ is treating us is changing our perception of NZ very drastically.

To verify our case is genuine you are invited to check with our solicitor Rod Hooker based in Auckland – Telephone: 09 360 0321Upper Level, 19 Blake Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

At this very moment we are about to lose our house and even our personal belongings and end up with only our 2 suitcases.
The sale of our house will not cover all the costs and allow us to start over again anywhere.

Five months ago now, we landed all of a sudden in a terrible situation created by a kiwi who unfortunately is a homophobe. He hates gay people as according his belief we are no Christian people and have no reason to exist. We learned from our future NZ employer that during a discussion with this former employee this came to the surface. During our holidays in 2013 the employer didn’t mention this to us in order to protect us from this person

In July 2013 we obtained our resident visa and we immediately started preparing our move. My wife Karin Oosterveen is the main applicant. We cancelled our good jobs, insurances, pension funds, health care, sold our car and put our house on the market. We took a 12 month international loan to cover the pending mortgage of our property until it would be sold and to cover the first costs after arrival in NZ.

We planned everything for a perfect start. Our future NZ employer was waiting impatient for our arrival on 6th March 2014. But a few hours before boarding the airplane INZ informedus (through our visa agent) not to travel. INZ refused to tell us the reason why and told us we had to wait for their email, which came later.

Our lawyer is acting on our behalf to defend us towards INZ and to defend our integrity and the attack on our sexual orientation. It is a case against INZ as the reporting was done by a so called anonymous person. But all parties know him by name as during that time he was the only employee working for the employer. Moreover he included his own name in the stolen emails and you could see it was all sent to his gmail. INZ is protecting the privacy of the informant. But they don’t care about the fact that our privacy has been unlawful breached by the informant

The person causing all the problems is an ex-employee of the future employer of Karin Oosterveen. He was sacked because he didn’t perform his job as it should. He had no job contract although he claims to have one.  He now took revenge towards the employer by using us.  He has stolen over 400 pages of company and private emails between us and the employer and our visa agent. That is a breach of privacy. But it seems to the judge that is not bothering him at all.

We know that it is a former employee for multiple reasons:

– He was the only one working at the company (it is a small company)

– He left his name in the forwarded emails to his own Gmail.

– There is information mentioned that only can be known if you worked there.

– Our lawyer mentioned his name in the court documents.

An expert, recognized by the court as a forensic computer expert, has checked all those pages and proved that the pages and the text and emails are unreliable for a lot of reasons. So in a way person X managed to twist the interpretation of the emails to his advantage and making us less then desirable characters. So we are also attacked into our integrity.

He claims to be sacked because he thinks Karin Oosterveen will be taken over his position and therefore the job offer would not be genuine. But Karin’s job offer was already in place 6 months before he was even hired. On top of it he was hired as he was without a job. Everything from our side is genuine and therefore INZ also approved in July 2013 the visas.

Moreover this former employee kept all information for about 7-8 months and only sent it to immigration just before we were boarding the plane. Isn’t that acting with premeditation with the intension to harm? That resulted in the fact that we could not leave at all as immigration blocked unlawfully our visas. According our lawyer INZ acted unlawfully as our visas could not be blocked and they unlawfully withheld the received information, not allowing us to defend ourselves, and are still withholding information. Also stolen information cannot be used but INZ keeps doing so.

Also it is no longer an anonymous report as INZ has contact with this reporting person.   He even threatened INZ if they would release the last 2 documents. He would bring INZ before court.  What has this person to hide? Why is he doing this to us?  And the court went along.  Why are they afraid of such a reporting person?

We still meet all requirements and have done nothing wrong.

This same person also has stalked us as he knew exactly when we would leave for NZ. He even looked up our personal websites.

Therefore we were forced to take a lawyer and all our savings were needed to pay him. It has taken 2 months to force INZ, before court, to provide all documents and still then they withheld a part which delayed the whole process again. Even today not all information is released by INZ although they confirmed earlier. They informed our lawyer that they still are withholding some information and are considering if they can release or not. Again they act against the law by withholding information. INZ is again delaying the whole case.

We had to rebook everything again and put everything till November 2014, but we fear it will not be enough. Therefore we also lost confidence in INZ. It is clear INZ is delaying and leaving us in a ruined situation. They already delayed until our visas expired and we fear they keep delaying until we are forced to drop the case. In our opinion INZ is putting themselves above the law and stays prejudice. And being prejudice is against the immigration rules. How is this all possible in New Zealand?

Because of that we needed to bring INZ before court and to seek approval to enter NZ in the meantime, so we could pick up the job and proof the hard way all is genuine.
INZ admitted already they made some errors. But we can’t get rid of the feeling they stay prejudiced despite all the proof and declarations we gave.  What can we do more?  You are so powerless against people being prejudiced. But shouldn’t justice not be prevail?

Up to now all we feel is prejudice.

This has now resulted that we are already stranded for more than 5 months with my parents/parents-in-law, residents of The Netherlands, living from their small pension. Personally my wife and I are completely ruined. We are even losing our property due to lack of funds. And we are may be forced to stay with them until the case is solved. But as it might take another 6 to 18 months, this will jeopardize also their financial situation. We cannot take a job in The Netherlands.

Going back to our home is very difficult as we have no funds to reconnect gas, water supplies, internet and phone and the need for a car. So selling the house at a cheap bottom price is the only possibility. Can’t bring the container back because we have no money to pay for the demurrage. So in a way we lose our personal belongings as well. Hopefully the shipping line can help us with those demurrage costs.

All this because of 1 person.

Our visas expired begin July 2014 and INZ extended them to January 2015, but INZ keeps delaying the whole process which is according our lawyer again unlawful. It seems to us a tactic of INZ to force us to drop the case.

The errors of INZ:

– Our approved resident visas (10/7/2013) could not be blocked.  But they did. That is unlawful.

– They didn’t even specify a blocking period which is also unlawful.

– They delay and still continue to do so the case which is unlawful.

– They block us to travel as visitors which is unlawful as EU citizens have free travel to NZ

– They withhold the information which is unlawful.

– They talk about a waiver visa and we have a resident visa

– They first said it was credible information and later on they talked about anonymous information.

Although the lawyer of INZ confirmed that they made these errors and that we needed to consider their letter of 4th March, including all these errors, as void, they still refuse to rectify their errors.

So we are not only up against the stolen information but also up against the unlawful actions and bias of INZ.

On 3/6/2014 our lawyer defended a first time our case before court to get the withheld documents released. But even today INZ withholds documents.

On 14/7/2014 our lawyer went again to court and asked an interim order to extend the visas and also an interim order to let us leave and enter NZ, so we could already work in NZ while the case went on. We only got the extension of the visas.

But what we feared has happened.

On 22/7/2014 the judge decided against us. He didn’t want us to enter NZ because that would make our situation better. But isn’t an interim order to there to improve one’s situation? But it is INZ who put us in this misery. Further as per above mentioned the judge was not aware of what INZ was further evaluating. Should it not be a judge job to be aware of the whole file? And we don’t know if the proof by the expert clearly stating that the stolen emails are unreliable has been considered. Didn’t notice anything about it.  Also we didn’t find anything about the fact that our privacy and that of our future employer was breached. Nor did we find any notice of all statutory declarations of us and our employer that the job is a genuine one.  We don’t know how to proof it more.  The only possibility to proof that is to enter NZ and pick up the job. But that is taken away from us.

Further the judge informed us that all of a sudden a resident visa has 2 conditions, namely the right to live, work and study in NZ and is also subject an entry approval.  Now this completely new, even a visa agent is not aware of this.

But doesn’t this sound unlogic?  Why should anyone go through an expensive procedure and give up all he has when there is no guarantee for entering the country?

This immigration procedure looks more a tool to drain money out of the pocket and get money into NZ, and leaving the applicants in misery.

Unless ofcourse you are a rich person, cause then rules and procedures are not that important.

We also wonder if what Person X claims has been investigated to see if that is all true. Cause as the emails have been proven to be unreliable……

For example he claimed to have a contract but no contract has been issued, ever.

Some emails were drafts thus never sent.  Some emails have never been seen by the employer himself.  There are no headers on the emails and they are even incomplete, etc…..

We are now forced to proceed with this case or go in appeal cause otherwise we never can enter NZ or any other country. Also because of this, if we would decide to forget about NZ and live further in our own country, we cannot take up a job where we are experienced in, customer service manager, as we cannot travel. So even that is taken away from us by INZ and that Kiwi.  Either what we decide it are again costs and a delay of months.   Don’t understand why it all takes so long.

We are ruined for life.

On 7 august 2014 we received an overnight email from our lawyer with not so good news.

It is going to take a long time for this case. And they will relocated the case to inz New Zealand instead of London.

Despite we have given heaps of statutory declarations that the job is genuine, despite the fact an expert recognised by the court has proven the emails are not reliable, despite we have evidence the objector is full of hate……INZ remains waving with those unreliable emails. Why? Do they not accept the declaration of the forensic expert? To what purpose is evidence then and the expertise of an expert? What purpose has providing evidence then?

And what about our privacy breach?

We can appeal against the judge as he made a lot of errors. That involves another 10 to 15.000 euro without guarantee of succeeding. This would take 3 months of preparation only and then you still have to go to court.

We can wait for the re-view by immigration in NZ and hope they don’t have access to the still withheld document by London. Cause that document will never be released, and therefore we will never be able to defend ourselves in a proper way. This procedure would take 3 months. Which guarantee do we have that the new officer is not influenced by his London colleagues? And that he has no access to the withheld documents. Their system archives all documents. Which guarantee do we have that the withheld documents are deleted or are not in the file? None, only their word. Such a situation in such an important case…………

In the meantime we need to go back to Belgium and try to find a job again and wait for the outcome, keeping our house for sale. And hoping we can get our container back. A lot to arrange with no funds.

Seems also INZ is still waiting for replies from us, replies we already gave in heaps of certified declarations. Where have they all gone then? And what has INZ done with it?

And our names are kept flagged disabling us from visiting NZ and any other country. With the big chance this remains like that for ever. Isn’t that insane?

They have all our evidence and it seems they still don’t want to accept it.

The lawyer said that if we would be granted entry to NZ we still face INZ and have to battle about the job being genuine. But if my wife picks up the job that shows enough isn’t it?

As you can see there is really something wrong with their system and way of thinking. A huge injustice.

And why has it have to take so long every time?  They are already looking at it for 5 months!!!!!!

If you take a look at the NZ Herald, rich people who want to move over to NZ are more loved, even with a criminal or convicted background. Cause those people can enter without any problem as they can spend a lot of money.

We are furious. We are honest people and treated as criminals. We had a very good life and now nothing anymore.
I don’t see how to live further. NZ showed a total other side. A side of money.

I just don’t see any light anymore. All I do now is crying.
We feel so at home in NZ and now this is happening.
Although we meet all requirements and the visas are extended until January 2015 they refuse to let us enter NZ. It seems now that a visa is no guarantee to enter NZ. How strange. We went through the whole application, our application was approved and we got a resident visa that allows working, living and studying in NZ. If you get that you start planning everything.  You think all is ok. Even a visa agent thinks all is ok.  You wouldn’t go through such an expensive procedure and give up your good lives if the visa has no guarantee for entering NZ.   A resident visa that allows to live, work and study in NZ, therefore you need to enter NZ, isn’t it?

Right now it seems to us, that the application has become just a financial product without any guarantee.

The delay is huge now. It can take 6 to 18 months now.

As we gave all up and have no jobs, income, insurance and staying with family, such a delay is also putting the family in problems now.

We are forced to sell our house at a bottom price to get money. We are now ending up with nothing. We lost everything.
Moving over to NZ is the only option to control the financial damage.

If we cannot move to NZ our property and belongings will be claimed as we have no longer the required funds.

Even when the start in NZ would be more difficult, we are hard workers. We both have strong letters of recommendation. You don’t get that if you haven’t proven yourself.

The strongest proof we can give to show that the job offer is genuine, is that my wife takes up the job in NZ. But INZ doesn’t allow us to show that strong proof.
Therefore we are asking your assistance. All support is welcome.

Without any help we will lose all we have built up during a life time of 40-50 years with a 20-30 years business experience and end up at the bottom of the society. We will not be able to benefit of any unemployment and healthcare fees.

It is very sad to see what a single person can do to destroy the life of others. It is still unbelievable to us but it is reality.

It is the first time in our lifes that we need to ask for this kind of support.

Lots of love and happiness.

Lost in Time / Verloren in Tijd

Right now I am editing (for a 3rd time) my first novel. I love my heroes and therefore I want their characters as complete as possible.

At this moment I am working on the Dutch version.  After that I will translate it in English.  Anyone who can help me with the translation, please, come forward.  You get a free e-reader copy for your assistance.

Test readers are welcome.  You get a free e-reader copy for your assistance

As this is my first novel I want to be it as interesting as possible.

Perfection? Nothing or nobody is perfect. But is try to get there as much as possible! 🙂

What is Lost in Time about?  It is a lesbian fiction story with some romance and adventure.

Here is the synopsis

Life is hard when you cannot remember who you are, what your past was and what happened.

This is the story of a woman, Lucena, who receives a magical power. Her real feelings steer that power ( to overcome, to kill, but also to the control life). It is an ancient force that is transferred to only those pure of heart. She receives that power during a predicament, so she loses her memory and knows nothing of her ancient past, who she really is, without knowing the strength in her.

In her struggle to find out who she is and what happened to her, she is chased by an old acquaintance who wants to possess the power and control it. A person who is a master at hiding his true identity .

At her side is her loving partner, Renielle, which is critically injured when the power is transmitted . She receives foresight. But she also does not know her power, but subconsciously she writes down events in her book. Events yet to take place. Whether she makes a spontaneous remark to Lucena. The love for one another is crucial to defend them against the dark adversary. Their love and feelings are severely tested.

Lucena is carried on a rollercoaster of emotions, where she becomes afraid of herself , gets scared of the power that manifests itself in her. Because if that happens, she loses control of herself. She sees it as her inner demon without knowing that her power is to control life. She is afraid of what she would do to her lover if she got out of control.

In her search for who she really is, she is deceived by her opponent who is trying to destroy her and the love within her. It would leave her with an emptiness and unbearable heartache. It ‘s a revenge which has been planned for long time.

Her hunger for victory is appeased by challenges. Her victories feed her dark side, and depriving her true feelings for her beloved.

At a retreat she faces the hard way with her inner self. Due to let dominate her dark side she loses what is dearest to her, Renielle, the only love she knows and has. The demon takes control of her and her passion and she kills almost Renielle in a flurry of dark and uncontrolled passion. Renielle runs away and hides .

While Renielle is taken care of, Lucena is desperate and loses herself in nightlife in a local bar. When permeates what she has done and how hard she misses Renielle, she goes looking for Renielle. For this, she must pass through a magical ‘silent’ forest. There she is thought the truth without mercy and is shown who she really is, what her past is. She finds her lover back and they both need to rediscover their love.

On the most important day of their lives, she discovers who her opponent is and what he possible plans. Because evil attacks her where she is most vulnerable, namely her loving Renielle .

She must defy a terrible situation during which she finally discovers her strength. Then she is also revealed that she is the “only one”. But will it all help her rescue Renielle?

Join her in her journey in Lost in Time

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there,

I finally decided to create and set up my blog.  As a newbie I will have to discover a lot about WordPress.  So if you are an expert, drop me a line and make an expert of me.

Now what can you expect to find here?  A lot!

I will update it with information about some TV shows and my favorite actors/actresses, my holidays and adventures in New Zealand, Convention information,.

Further some information about projects I support such as Climate and Charity.

And as I am to start about writing which I intended to so for so many years, I will post here also some information about my novel and novels to come.

A lot can be discussed here, but your language must be clear at all times, do no offend or discriminate anybody, use clean language.

I hope we all have a great time and see you soon.

Lots of love,