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Fundraising for NZ injustice case.

Dear Friends,

Please support us and donate anything you can to get us through this unjustice and difficult time. This is the first time in our life we are asking for financial support.

Don’t let injustice in New Zealand destroy our lives. Don’t let hate against our sexual orientation destroy our existance.

Help us fight and have our names cleared from all false accusations.
Help us with the restart of our life.

Our appreciations is eternal.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there,

I finally decided to create and set up my blog.  As a newbie I will have to discover a lot about WordPress.  So if you are an expert, drop me a line and make an expert of me.

Now what can you expect to find here?  A lot!

I will update it with information about some TV shows and my favorite actors/actresses, my holidays and adventures in New Zealand, Convention information,.

Further some information about projects I support such as Climate and Charity.

And as I am to start about writing which I intended to so for so many years, I will post here also some information about my novel and novels to come.

A lot can be discussed here, but your language must be clear at all times, do no offend or discriminate anybody, use clean language.

I hope we all have a great time and see you soon.

Lots of love,